Accommodating various learning styles actress interracial dating

05-Jul-2017 09:24

Some learners use visual information like pictures, diagrams, and simulations to understand better, while others can get more from oral and written information.

Researchers have argued that learning style also functions as a useful indicator for potential learning performance (Kolb & Kolb, 2005; Smith & Ragan, 1999; Sun et al., 2008).

Some popular instruments were various extensions of Jung’s (1970) psychological types and Gardner’s (1993) multiple intelligences.

It includes four dimensions: concrete experience (feeling), reflective observation (watching), abstract conceptualization (thinking), and active experimentation (doing) (Kolb, 1985).

Through four dimensions, Kolb determined four learning styles: accommodative, divergent, convergent, and assimilative.

In this context, Dunn and Dunn (1978) stated that students with different learning styles have distinct preferences during different instructional activities.

Thus, various models have been proposed by theoreticians and used by educators in order to measure learning styles, and various instruments have been used. (2012) provided an extensive report which involved at least 71 learning style models.They work on specializing or adapting the courses according to learners’ needs (Hamilton-Pennell, 2002).