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John Preston–is feeling a bit unsettled in her settled, married life, wondering “what happens after you say ‘I do.'” And because Carrie is also a writer, she has even gone so far as to express her feelings about the idea of marriage in her new book, , a collection of comic essays in which she lampoons the idea of traditional wedding vows.“Carrie has spent her career writing about being single, and for the first time she’s writing about a different topic, being married,” Parker observes.Though he didn’t want “Sex and the City 2″ to be a conventional comedy, the various forms and facets of tradition played right into King’s hands, and he turned the genre on its ear.“These four women are not traditional and never have been.“When the first movie opened,” recalls writer/producer/director Michael Patrick King, “I would see lines of women at the theaters all dressed up as if they were going to a party, not just a movie.It felt to me like they were excited to celebrate this special time with their girlfriends–both the ones in the seats and on the screen.

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Melfi notes, “In this movie, our characters get to experience a lifestyle that most of us could only dream about.

Miranda had a baby out of wedlock, then got married late, and she’s the alpha spouse.

Charlotte converted to Judaism, adopted an Asian daughter and had another daughter.

So when I thought about the sequel, I knew I wanted it to be the continuation of the party.

I wanted the movie to be the party.” Sarah Jessica Parker, who not only reprises her role as Carrie Bradshaw but is once again a producer on the film, says, “It’s very moving and truly thrilling to be part of something that people have connected with and have strong feelings about, something that they’ve welcomed into their homes every week and then gone to the theatre to watch. Also, WB has released the press notes for the movie, which features interviews with the entire cast and filmmakers, as well as what the movie is about and what went on behind the scenes.