Checkingupdating cpu microcode

15-Jan-2018 02:50

checkingupdating cpu microcode-44

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This type of update is most commonly performed by a system’s firmware (“BIOS”).

However, if a newer BIOS cannot be obtained from a system vendor then this driver can be a potential substitute.

The driver can update the firmware on Intel or AMD CPUs.

The driver attempts to update the processor when the driver is started, when the system is booted, or when the system resumed from a low power state (e.g., hibernation).

Thanks Find out the LGA 771 motherboard that natively support E5440 & go download the BIOS file for that motherboard.

Then extract microcode from the downloaded BIOS file.

This information lets the user know whether the driver is providing a benefit (otherwise they can uninstall it).

For example, the processors might already have the latest firmware version. Download the fling's zip file and extract the files contained within the zip. Download these 2 files and place them in the same directory as where the files from #1 were placed:

Does anyone know of a way to mod the bios on my system to properly support this cpu?

Apparently, Intel sees it as a flawed CPU micro-code which allowed overclocking, and which some motherboard vendors even built marketing campaigns around.