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The system can be configured to suit your needs: from standalone to shared network databases. Strata Bugs is able to run where the Java platform is supported. The Java Runtime Environment (free download) must be installed. Strata Bugs can be run using Microsoft Access, H2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server (2008 on) and My SQL.

The demonstration version is installed using an H2 database, which is a standalone file.

Export/import tools handle the transfer of image data.

Biostratigraphic data entry is principally via on-screen menus or a user-defined overlay, which can be used on-screen, on a touch screen or on a tablet device.

The principal features of the Strata Bugs chart plotting application are as follows: Strata Bugs holds data about each well including well name and unique Code, operator, field, country, latitude and longitude, TD, RTE, sea bed and Sea Level, Spud and Completion Dates.

Plots can be saved to PDF and SVG formats, as well as bitmap formats.