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Active participation in the process by students, faculty, and staff reflects a willingness to address the difficult issues brought before them for the betterment of individual students and the University community.The Vice Provost for Student Formation & Campus Life is responsible for enforcing the Student Code of Conduct though certain responsibilities relative to the student conduct process have been delegated to the Office of Student Conduct.Failure to evacuate University facilities when ordered to do so, disregarding any emergency or fire alarm signal; inappropriate use of emergency exit doors; 19.Any act of arson, falsely reporting a fire or other emergency, falsely setting off a fire alarm, tampering with or removing from their proper location fire extinguishers, hoses, or any other fire emergency equipment except when done with real need for such equipment; 20.Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys to any premises of the University or unauthorized entry to or use of such premises; 15.Dispersing litter in any form onto the grounds or facilities of the campus; 16. Falsely reporting the presence of an unlawful explosive or incendiary device in a way that misleads, deceives, or disrupts the operation of the University or a scheduled event sponsored by the University; 18.Conduct against the student discipline process, including, but not limited to, misrepresentation of information before a conduct officer/body; disruption or interference with a conduct hearing; initiation of a conduct proceeding knowingly without cause; discouraging another person’s proper participation in, or use of, the conduct process; attempting to influence the impartiality of a conduct body; harassment and/or intimidation of a conduct body; influencing or attempting to influence another person to commit an abuse of the conduct system; willful non-participation in the conduct process or a related investigation; impeding an official University investigation; retaliation against a person due to his/her good faith submission of a complaint and/or participation in an investigation; 23.

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Given the educational focus of the student discipline process, the conduct officer who is responsible for the adjudication of a conduct matter will communicate directly with the involved student(s) when resolving the matter and not with the parents of the student(s) or others.

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