Updating antique outboards

14-Jan-2018 11:33

The designs were likely held over owing to manufacturing being for war production, therefore not allowing many new advancements in outboard motor technology...a luxury. This motor design first made its appearance in 1951 as an RD-10, and the basic design of the power-head would remain a staple of the OMC design for many years.

With increases in horsepower using advances in piston size, crankshaft and carburetion, these motors reached 40hp by 1960.

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She will, when finished, be the primary power for our 1948 galvanized steel Star Tank & Boat Company rowboat.My concern is whether it is complete with all parts, and if now are parts able to be procured?So with this blog post I hope to be able to take you through the basics of how the restoration process have developed for me and the sequence of events I use.This would indicate to me that this motor has had a collision somewhere in its long life.

This would fall in-line with the other damage found above. Something seen less often is inflicted by dealers who sold these motors, or owner who had to have the most latest-greatest motor.

This motor has a synchronized spark advance and carburetor controlled by the sliding lever under the pull start.