Updating garmin 760

28-Nov-2017 10:41

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Personally, what I'd do is uninstall Garmin Express and use Garmin Map Updater and try your update again with the 4GB SD card (copy and paste this link to your browser): https://support.garmin.com/support/search Support/case.faces?

case Id= Your 760 should be offered the install-to-SD option and I can't understand why you won't be able to install all of North America.

To make sure you’re travelling with the latest data, check the suitable nüMaps Onetime updates for your Garmin: nüMaps Onetime IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that due to the continuous improvement and expanding coverage of our European mapping (City Navigator Europe NT), your Garmin device may not have sufficient memory available to install a full European update.

I see that the map image file is almost 1.9GB* in size so a 2GB card is really flirting with disaster and unlikely to work with the 2014.10 map due out next week or so.

In fact, I think a 2GB SD card can actually use about 1.8GB so that explains your 2GB less-than-all-North_America problem. Your problem may have occurred due to using Garmin Express.

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